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Cozy Beddings Lux Decor 8 Piece Comforter Set

  • Brand:
  • Bauer
  • SKU:
  • 00111
  • Weight:
  • 32.6 kg
  • Barcode:
  • 555-6322-1
  • Product type:
  • Bed Linen
  • Vendor:
  • France


Quantity: Available quantity : 1000

Luxury bed linens : ready made color schemes that work!


Home is the best place where you can have a rest, feel yourself comfortable, relax. Its interior is the very thing that reflects your mood, your character and makes the place where you live suitable for your needs. Whatever styles you prefer, the design of your apartments can make it a part of your life. How many pleasant moments you can spend, admiring the placid hours on such a bed!


There is one part of the whole design that plays a significant role in the comfort of your home and it is the linen. The thought-out design concept can even combine several styles in one harmonious unity. Our luxury linen makes your dreams sweeter!


  • Bed Linen 
  • Pillows 
  • Blankets + Throws 
  • New Arrivals


Lying on your favorite couch covered with the smooth to the touch silk, you feel how the blissful serenity fills you inside and the atmosphere of the room you are in. The people who know a thing about the aesthetic things will agree that comfortable home lacks something important without the luxury linen on the beds. Whatever styles and brands you like.


Our luxury linen makes your dreams sweeter!

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